1. Brainstorm ideas

  • smart suit case
  • dimensions measuring app (furniture, construction, industrial uses)
  • app that measures your UV intake
  • smart filing line
  • smart refrigerator 


2. Research

Target market: Conducted interviews with triathletes, runners, and soccer players. Found that semi-professional to professional, female soccer players ranging from the ages 20-30 are the audience.

Competition: Similar products exist but none are a smart band designed for athletes.


3. Persona development

Persona: Alexa, 21, Soccer Player 


  • Plays on the women’s soccer team at UCLA
  • Aware of her health and fitness
  • Concerned about the longevity of her youthfulness
  • Spends most of her week outdoors during practices and games
  • Does not have a dark complexion, and has had relatives that have had skin cancer. 
  • Wears Addias soccer gear, shops at Lululemon, and regularly drinks Zico coconut water


  • able to monitor her sun exposure throughout her day
  • The personalized information enables her to take appropriate measures to protect her skin.

4. Focus

Audience: Our target audience are athletes, semi-professional to professional, ranging in the age of 20–30. 

Technical requirements: The Sol wearable is a thin flexible band that lays flush to the skin and changes color based on the sun intake of the user. When the band is synced with the app the device tells the user when their next sunburn will occur, the weather, and their location. 


5. Wireframes

Interactive wireframes for user testing

Interactive wireframes for user testing

6. User testing

Assigned the test users (all collegiate female soccer) a number of tasks using the wireframe application. The functions included syncing the band, selecting skin type, and reapplying 30 SPF. 

Findings: The gradient bar did not read as a measure of time and so we changed it to a circle so the chart would relate to a clock.


7. Interface design


8. Final product


9. Future enhancements

  • the band will be able to monitor heart rate, steps, and hours slept
  • maintain sleek and flush look with future iterations, ensuring not to interrupt the user’s sport